We are one of the fastest growing online distributors that specialize in LED lighting. SINEPO LED has provided quality LED lighting at affordable prices, all with a Price Match Guarantee. Indoor, outdoor, panels, or fixtures, our LED lighting specialists are ready to help!


1. Warranty Coverage: Our advanced product design, the durable housing of the product, and the employment of the latest high-quality LED technology guarantee the long lifespan of our products. Most of our commercial illuminants offer 5 years warranty.

2. Safety guarantee: Our products uphold the highest safety standards and are UL or ETL listed and certified, ensuring high quality and performance.

3. World-class quality ability: Sinepo works with the same OEM and ODM manufacturers of world-class top brands. We are exceptionally proud of our product's craftsmanship. Thus, these outstanding products minimize customer concerns about making a purchase and ensuring excellent customer service.